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I have the Right to Live!

Instead of delivering a prose poetry about my experience of being bullied by a professional, while I was in elementary, I am delivering a newly composed song, I have the Right to Live!, at the Human Experience Meet Up at The Beat Coffee House in downtown Las Vegas tonight @7pm.

Here it is, guys!


1)  Look at me; I’m different as you are!

     Look at me; I’m human as you are!

     You might not like me for a friend;

     You might laugh and scoff in the end,

     But look I’m human as you are

     Who has the right to learn and live!


     I have the right to live…

     Enjoy the life just as you do!

     I have the right to live…

     And learn all stuff that there’s to know.

     But world’s so indifferent

     Has eyes for differences.

     Won’t stop ’til you’re torn apart

     So where’s my right to learn and live?

2)  Hear me, please!  I want to live not die!

      Hear me now and understand it why!

      I did not choose to be this way;

      I like to live life everyday;

      But if you bully me around

      It seems I’m six-feet to the ground!

3)  Bullying is hurting us inside!

     Bullying will haunt you in the end!

     We have the right to live in peace;

     Please be a part for peace to reign!

     Let’s make this world a better place

     Enjoy the life that God has giv’n.

     (copyright: Ed Industan, February 2014)

I hope the message of this song will open the hearts and minds of people, who think bullying is fun!





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Up Against Bullying Anthem Recorded last night!


The Up Against Bullying anthem, STAND UP!,  was recorded last night at The Human Experience Meet Up at The Beat Coffee House in downtown Las Vegas.  Since it was unrehearsed, I still am not sure how it would turn out.  Anyways, I am hoping for the best so that others could listen to its melody and use it with their anti-bullying campaign. 

Also, I have over a dozen songs on anti-bullying geared towards elementary, middle-school and high school students. However, a few songs have melodies that can be sang by adults. Besides these songs, I also have been writing anti-bullying poetry.  Hopefully, a book with accompanying cd would be the end-result of this.  Definitely, I wanted every school to have a student movement on Up Against Bullying.  

Bullying has caused harm to so many already.  Even professional athletes have been experiencing it. Still fresh is the one with the Miami Dolphins!  As the lyric of another composition advices: ” Don’t be so aggressive (aggressive)…In words and actions (aggressive)! …We all have equal right…to learn and have successful lives.  Respect is due to all.  Think twice and be smart this time!”


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A Quick Look on the Manuscript, TSUNAMI.

I am looking forward to see the first few illustrations of the manuscript, TSUNAMI.  Anthony (Tony) Martinez, is very good at it.  Anyway, here are the first few pages of the manuscript to introduce you to it.  Again, TSUNAMI, is about a boy, who experienced bullying at school.  The story, even though it’s about anti-bullying is a very good read for school children as it has cultural, historical, and geological flair.  So, here it is!!!!


Page 1


There was this 7-year old boy named Tsunami.  He helped at home.  He helped at school.  He helped kids in need.  He was named “The Little Helper of the Month” at his school.


Page 2

One day, Tsunami came home mad… real mad!  His face was red.  He kicked his three balls.  He kicked his teddy bear.  He was really mad at something.


Page 3

“What are you mad at, Tsunami?” his mom asked.

“This bully in school picked on me the whole day,” Tsunami answered with a pout.

“What did he do to you?”

“He called my name many times laughing and teasing.  Then, he whisked his arm hard right above my head.”


Page 4

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Son,” the mom calmly said as she rubbed Tsunami’s back.

Tsunami looked at his mom and asked, “Why did I have this name, anyway?”  He still was gently kicking the ball.


Page 5

With a tender smile and a sigh, the mom said, “Two months before your birth, a giant tsunami hit the island of Sumatra.

“What?  It must be a real giant Tsunami,” he said.

“Yes, but it is a real, REAL tsunami!”

“What about me? Am I a robot?” he asked with a wrinkled forehead.

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Another Anti-Bullying Compostion

As I begin pushing my manuscript, TSUNAMI, a 32-pp easy-reader to jumpstart an Anti-bullying movement, I decided to share to you the theme song of the movement.  Hopefully, both the book and the movement will take off here in Southern Nevada and all over the world sometime.   


Stand up for our right, students!

Stand up for a pact, students!

Let’s act that our voices be heard.

Stand up for our right, students!

Stand up for a pact, students!

One voice, one objective to do!

2)  Let the bully teachers know

Let the bully students know

We don’t tolerate their show

Ruin course that we pursue!

Let the bully teachers know

Let the bully students know

We’re united.  We will rein this school!

(Repeat 1)

3)  Let us be the eyes and ears

Up against all bullying

We’re united to prevent

Spread of fire to the end!

Let us be the eyes and ears

Up against all bullying

We’re united!  We will rein our school.

(Repeat 1)

(c) edmund melig industan, Dec. 15, 2013

Recently, I wrote a song on HOME.  This will be the 10th of the songs for anti- bullying.  God willing, the songs will also be recorded by somebody (one told me, do the singing in the recording, but am not so —with my voice, no matter how Angie pushes me to do it.  BTW, Angie wasn’t the originator of the singing ideas.  I do keep on embarrassing myself every MOnday night at the Human Experience, singing a capella, but recording is another story.  I need somebody, who could professionaly sing these songs.  The book plan is to write prose poetry (and other forms of poetry) to go along with the lyrics.  The cd will go with the book for other schools from distant lands to teach them(hopefully) organizing their own Up Against Bullying Movement.


Now your turn!  Give me some of your thought about this project.  Sure do appreciate it very much.  Who knows, if the project materializes, you would be getting a book and cd copy from me.  LOL!


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Let’s Celebrate the New Year: Adaptation of an Experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry


It’s the 19th of December.  Soon 2013 is gone!

As I thought about it, I ended up with the experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry, which I was introducing to the world as a poetry form.  Actually, Dasang  /dah-SANG/ is a sing-song hortatory discourse of the Higa-onon tribe of southern Philippines.  My Germany friend, Hans Brandeis, who is an ethnomusicologist, considered Dasang as the early form of hip-hop.  Definitely, it is a rap!  However, as a hortatory discourse, it doesn’t only entertains, but it also instructs, informs, implores, exhorts, and admonishes the audience to do something “RIGHT!” 

As a researcher, poet with a penchant of songwriting, I decided to go beyond mere poetry.  I would love for hip-hop artists to deliver a rap that makes the world a better place to live in.  So, here’s my contribution, a sample of a Hey-Dasang Poetry, or call it  a hip-hop lyric, to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  Wish I could perform this at the Human Experience (if there’s any) on the 30th of this month.  Told DJ Ms. Joy about this.  DJ Ms. Joy is a world-class pro in DJ’ng, and considered the #1 female DJ in Las Vegas.  She also MC’s, along with three other artists, the Human Experience Meet-up at The Beat Coffee House, just a block east of the Fremont Experience canopy in Downtown Las Vegas.

So here is the Hey-Dasang Poetry put into a rap song:

1)      Let’s Celebrate the New Year

Hey! Here’s a Hey-Dasang Poem, Man! 

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The old is ending soon/ and then the New year comes/

We cheer, we yell ,/ we dance/ that’s with our hearts delight/

But there are those/who drink/ and bang

With carelessness/ endangering and hurting others with their fight!


Ref:  Hey, hey, hey, hey!

But hey!  Wanna end up in a jail?  Lock up! (NO!)

Hey, wanna end up without limb? Or die?  (NO!

Hey! Wanna end up in a ward? In pain?   (NO!)

ISo don’t forget to celebrate/not as fool and dumb!


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

(Song)  New Year’s here, let’s celebrate.

Fire works, but please no grenade!

Fire crackers, whistle blown…

Let’s shout to be heard….

(Crowd shouts)  Happy New Year!

Let’s make noise for peace on earth.

Give each other warm embrace.

Jump for joy; enjoy its worth!

Each day of the year!


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

There’s one who takes advan/tage of festivities.

They are the snakes/ who slithers in a joyous crowd.

Their thoughts are set with goal/ that hurts

Those in the crowd/ some drunk, some funk/

But many are just there to cheer/this New Year’s start!

(Repeat Ref:)

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The old year now has come/ and sooner it is gone.

The new year’s here and so/ let us now celebrate.

Let’s have the peace on earth/ reign and be with us all

That we will safely live our life/ in full.

(Rep. Ref.)

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

For those whose joy isn’t full/ without boom and bang!

Please let us bear in mind/ that there are days to come.

Oh, please don’t hurt yourself/ more so those other men.

That we won’t end up living this year with regret!

(Rep. Ref..)


Please Be Safe Everyone as We Welcome the New Year!

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