ABC Hyundai, Las Vegas: After Your Money! RUN!!!

After two weeks driving around Vegas my 2018 Hyundai Elantra had a flat tire!  Tire pressure gauge didn’t show     any sign of it.  But the car icon showed a problem with the front tire. Halfway through the dealership, tire was completely flat! Called AAA and after replacing it with the spare tire, he said, “I don’t see any nail mark. The problem can be the side of the tire; hence, it lost air.”

Immediately after we arrived at ABC Hyundai, the service department crew, Raymond, have it checked. Came back to us in 15 min. Reported to us that the problem was on the side of the tire AND IT WAS UNREPAIRABLE! Adding salt to the wound, he also told us that we have to pay $150. WHAT? I vehemently argued. Raymond was mumbling as he left us. Then, he came back to us after another 15 min. Now he said, it is not only an issue of the side of the tire. The technician found a nail on the tire! The manager also joined in, also insisting that it wasn’t a manufacturing defect, so we have to pay for that $150.

Angry, I left ABC Hyundai without replacing the spare tire. Then I took the car to Pep Boys. There I knew that ABC Hyundai was just trying to get more money from me. Pep Boys checked the tire, applied a patch on that nailed spot, and VOILA the tire has been as good as new?

I vowed never to go to ABC Hyundai. Raymond and the manager are there to flesh out more money from their customer!  SO RUN AWAY from them!!!

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