A Quick Look on the Manuscript, TSUNAMI.

I am looking forward to see the first few illustrations of the manuscript, TSUNAMI.  Anthony (Tony) Martinez, is very good at it.  Anyway, here are the first few pages of the manuscript to introduce you to it.  Again, TSUNAMI, is about a boy, who experienced bullying at school.  The story, even though it’s about anti-bullying is a very good read for school children as it has cultural, historical, and geological flair.  So, here it is!!!!


Page 1


There was this 7-year old boy named Tsunami.  He helped at home.  He helped at school.  He helped kids in need.  He was named “The Little Helper of the Month” at his school.


Page 2

One day, Tsunami came home mad… real mad!  His face was red.  He kicked his three balls.  He kicked his teddy bear.  He was really mad at something.


Page 3

“What are you mad at, Tsunami?” his mom asked.

“This bully in school picked on me the whole day,” Tsunami answered with a pout.

“What did he do to you?”

“He called my name many times laughing and teasing.  Then, he whisked his arm hard right above my head.”


Page 4

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Son,” the mom calmly said as she rubbed Tsunami’s back.

Tsunami looked at his mom and asked, “Why did I have this name, anyway?”  He still was gently kicking the ball.


Page 5

With a tender smile and a sigh, the mom said, “Two months before your birth, a giant tsunami hit the island of Sumatra.

“What?  It must be a real giant Tsunami,” he said.

“Yes, but it is a real, REAL tsunami!”

“What about me? Am I a robot?” he asked with a wrinkled forehead.


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