Please Try Once More; AGAIN!: A newly composed song for Up Against Bullying Project

Another date with the Human Experience Reading (and singing) at The Beat Coffee House on Monday, Jan. 13th @ 7p.m. Since the Anti-Human Trafficking Group will be speaking and showing a film at the last half of the Meet Up, I decided to sing this newly composed song, which is part of, and hopefully will take off,  an Up Against Bullying Movement. (It also relate to that night’s theme.) I already have 10 songs, mostly are for school children, from elementary to high school, because that where, many of us, experience some sort of bullying, WHICH MUST BE STOPPED!

Anyway, here’s the song.



by: Edmund Industan (c) Jan. 9, 2014

You feel unloved; you’re insecure

You feel alone and so forlorn.

No one to talk; no one to share

You try to rid disturbing thoughts.

But don’t you STOP;

Please try once more, AGAIN!


World is so crowded, but you feel alone.

World’s so divided with ego and pride.

Those in-between can’t find their place in.

End up alone; nursing their wound

Please hear my word,

Please stop and listen to them.

(Repeat I)

Someone is out there who’s ready to hear.

World still has good men, who listen and care.

Trust in yourself; pray that you find

Someone to share your thoughts and fears

Please hear my word

Please choose to do what is good.

(Repeat I)

World, let us better ourselves to live with.

World, we have wisdom, let’s use it with tact.

Please understand, we’re not the same

Some feel alone and so forlorn

So, hear, oh World!

Let’s STOP and listen to them.

(Repeat I)


If you live in Vegas, come on and join the group, even just to listen to poets singing, rapping, reading, and strumming their guitars and ukulele.  For me?  We’ll, I told the group last week that I’m branding myself “a capella”. Please come early as The Beat Coffee House is always full to the max on Monday night.  Yes,  because of the Human Experience.  See ya!


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