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A Quick Look on the Manuscript, TSUNAMI.

I am looking forward to see the first few illustrations of the manuscript, TSUNAMI.  Anthony (Tony) Martinez, is very good at it.  Anyway, here are the first few pages of the manuscript to introduce you to it.  Again, TSUNAMI, is about a boy, who experienced bullying at school.  The story, even though it’s about anti-bullying is a very good read for school children as it has cultural, historical, and geological flair.  So, here it is!!!!


Page 1


There was this 7-year old boy named Tsunami.  He helped at home.  He helped at school.  He helped kids in need.  He was named “The Little Helper of the Month” at his school.


Page 2

One day, Tsunami came home mad… real mad!  His face was red.  He kicked his three balls.  He kicked his teddy bear.  He was really mad at something.


Page 3

“What are you mad at, Tsunami?” his mom asked.

“This bully in school picked on me the whole day,” Tsunami answered with a pout.

“What did he do to you?”

“He called my name many times laughing and teasing.  Then, he whisked his arm hard right above my head.”


Page 4

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Son,” the mom calmly said as she rubbed Tsunami’s back.

Tsunami looked at his mom and asked, “Why did I have this name, anyway?”  He still was gently kicking the ball.


Page 5

With a tender smile and a sigh, the mom said, “Two months before your birth, a giant tsunami hit the island of Sumatra.

“What?  It must be a real giant Tsunami,” he said.

“Yes, but it is a real, REAL tsunami!”

“What about me? Am I a robot?” he asked with a wrinkled forehead.


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Another Anti-Bullying Compostion

Another Anti-Bullying Compostion.

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Another Anti-Bullying Compostion

As I begin pushing my manuscript, TSUNAMI, a 32-pp easy-reader to jumpstart an Anti-bullying movement, I decided to share to you the theme song of the movement.  Hopefully, both the book and the movement will take off here in Southern Nevada and all over the world sometime.   


Stand up for our right, students!

Stand up for a pact, students!

Let’s act that our voices be heard.

Stand up for our right, students!

Stand up for a pact, students!

One voice, one objective to do!

2)  Let the bully teachers know

Let the bully students know

We don’t tolerate their show

Ruin course that we pursue!

Let the bully teachers know

Let the bully students know

We’re united.  We will rein this school!

(Repeat 1)

3)  Let us be the eyes and ears

Up against all bullying

We’re united to prevent

Spread of fire to the end!

Let us be the eyes and ears

Up against all bullying

We’re united!  We will rein our school.

(Repeat 1)

(c) edmund melig industan, Dec. 15, 2013

Recently, I wrote a song on HOME.  This will be the 10th of the songs for anti- bullying.  God willing, the songs will also be recorded by somebody (one told me, do the singing in the recording, but am not so —with my voice, no matter how Angie pushes me to do it.  BTW, Angie wasn’t the originator of the singing ideas.  I do keep on embarrassing myself every MOnday night at the Human Experience, singing a capella, but recording is another story.  I need somebody, who could professionaly sing these songs.  The book plan is to write prose poetry (and other forms of poetry) to go along with the lyrics.  The cd will go with the book for other schools from distant lands to teach them(hopefully) organizing their own Up Against Bullying Movement.


Now your turn!  Give me some of your thought about this project.  Sure do appreciate it very much.  Who knows, if the project materializes, you would be getting a book and cd copy from me.  LOL!


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Please Try Once More; AGAIN!: A newly composed song for Up Against Bullying Project

Another date with the Human Experience Reading (and singing) at The Beat Coffee House on Monday, Jan. 13th @ 7p.m. Since the Anti-Human Trafficking Group will be speaking and showing a film at the last half of the Meet Up, I decided to sing this newly composed song, which is part of, and hopefully will take off,  an Up Against Bullying Movement. (It also relate to that night’s theme.) I already have 10 songs, mostly are for school children, from elementary to high school, because that where, many of us, experience some sort of bullying, WHICH MUST BE STOPPED!

Anyway, here’s the song.



by: Edmund Industan (c) Jan. 9, 2014

You feel unloved; you’re insecure

You feel alone and so forlorn.

No one to talk; no one to share

You try to rid disturbing thoughts.

But don’t you STOP;

Please try once more, AGAIN!


World is so crowded, but you feel alone.

World’s so divided with ego and pride.

Those in-between can’t find their place in.

End up alone; nursing their wound

Please hear my word,

Please stop and listen to them.

(Repeat I)

Someone is out there who’s ready to hear.

World still has good men, who listen and care.

Trust in yourself; pray that you find

Someone to share your thoughts and fears

Please hear my word

Please choose to do what is good.

(Repeat I)

World, let us better ourselves to live with.

World, we have wisdom, let’s use it with tact.

Please understand, we’re not the same

Some feel alone and so forlorn

So, hear, oh World!

Let’s STOP and listen to them.

(Repeat I)


If you live in Vegas, come on and join the group, even just to listen to poets singing, rapping, reading, and strumming their guitars and ukulele.  For me?  We’ll, I told the group last week that I’m branding myself “a capella”. Please come early as The Beat Coffee House is always full to the max on Monday night.  Yes,  because of the Human Experience.  See ya!

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You don’t have to pray!  I’m beginning to build up some thick skin to sing in front of strangers at The Beat Coffee House in downtown Las Vegas.

Tonight will be another song, which I just composed.  Wheww.. New Year has just begun and am tired already.  Sign of getting older and older every minute of the year.

Anyway, here’s the presentation tonight!

A delivery of Senryu!      Crow’s getting grayish!

                                        Slowlly limping needing brace!

                                        I’m tired of waiting!

(Well, if other presenters opens with a ‘green’ joke, I might change the phrase,”needing brace’ with “VIAGRA?’)

And here’s the newly composed song that follows:



(c) Edmund Industan, Jan. 5, 2014

I’m tired of waiting for you!

I’m tired of promises!

I’m tried of all that you do!

They crumble into pieces!


For I’m just a man

Molded from a clay

Breath given to me

Nursed with a caring heart!

Oh, please hear me now!

Please do me a vow!

But if you don’t care

Please don’t stale me for a year

“Coz I’m tired!



I’m tired of writing to you!

I’m tired to think and dream!

I’m tired and I’m feeling blue

For answers never came!

(Repeat chorus)


I’m tired of waiting for you!

No sense of faithfulness!

No matter what you will do

It’s always hit and miss!

(Repeat chorus)


My 5-min.of embarrassing fame is up!  Have the best New Year everyone!

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