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Performing (Again) at the Human Experience Tonight (Dec. 30th)

Got a notification that there will be a Human Experience Meet-up at The Beat Coffee House in Downtown Las Vegas tonight, Dec. 30th.  So, I have the opportunity to perform my experimental hey-dasang poetry on “Let’s Celebrate!”.  I am wondering how the group- the coffee house is always packed for the Human Experience every Monday night, will appreciate the early rendition of a New Year’s celebration.  I will find that out tonight, after my rendition of “Let’s Celebrate!”  This will also be my first hey-dasang with music into it.  And, also my first, delivering a hip-hop music.  Hope it will turn out okay!  Otherwise, I will bury my head on a mole hill. LOL!!!!!  Wish you could join us!


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Let’s Celebrate the New Year: Adaptation of an Experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry

Let's Celebrate the New Year: Adaptation of an Experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry.

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Let’s Celebrate the New Year: Adaptation of an Experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry


It’s the 19th of December.  Soon 2013 is gone!

As I thought about it, I ended up with the experimental Hey-Dasang Poetry, which I was introducing to the world as a poetry form.  Actually, Dasang  /dah-SANG/ is a sing-song hortatory discourse of the Higa-onon tribe of southern Philippines.  My Germany friend, Hans Brandeis, who is an ethnomusicologist, considered Dasang as the early form of hip-hop.  Definitely, it is a rap!  However, as a hortatory discourse, it doesn’t only entertains, but it also instructs, informs, implores, exhorts, and admonishes the audience to do something “RIGHT!” 

As a researcher, poet with a penchant of songwriting, I decided to go beyond mere poetry.  I would love for hip-hop artists to deliver a rap that makes the world a better place to live in.  So, here’s my contribution, a sample of a Hey-Dasang Poetry, or call it  a hip-hop lyric, to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  Wish I could perform this at the Human Experience (if there’s any) on the 30th of this month.  Told DJ Ms. Joy about this.  DJ Ms. Joy is a world-class pro in DJ’ng, and considered the #1 female DJ in Las Vegas.  She also MC’s, along with three other artists, the Human Experience Meet-up at The Beat Coffee House, just a block east of the Fremont Experience canopy in Downtown Las Vegas.

So here is the Hey-Dasang Poetry put into a rap song:

1)      Let’s Celebrate the New Year

Hey! Here’s a Hey-Dasang Poem, Man! 

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The old is ending soon/ and then the New year comes/

We cheer, we yell ,/ we dance/ that’s with our hearts delight/

But there are those/who drink/ and bang

With carelessness/ endangering and hurting others with their fight!


Ref:  Hey, hey, hey, hey!

But hey!  Wanna end up in a jail?  Lock up! (NO!)

Hey, wanna end up without limb? Or die?  (NO!

Hey! Wanna end up in a ward? In pain?   (NO!)

ISo don’t forget to celebrate/not as fool and dumb!


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

(Song)  New Year’s here, let’s celebrate.

Fire works, but please no grenade!

Fire crackers, whistle blown…

Let’s shout to be heard….

(Crowd shouts)  Happy New Year!

Let’s make noise for peace on earth.

Give each other warm embrace.

Jump for joy; enjoy its worth!

Each day of the year!


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

There’s one who takes advan/tage of festivities.

They are the snakes/ who slithers in a joyous crowd.

Their thoughts are set with goal/ that hurts

Those in the crowd/ some drunk, some funk/

But many are just there to cheer/this New Year’s start!

(Repeat Ref:)

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The old year now has come/ and sooner it is gone.

The new year’s here and so/ let us now celebrate.

Let’s have the peace on earth/ reign and be with us all

That we will safely live our life/ in full.

(Rep. Ref.)

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

For those whose joy isn’t full/ without boom and bang!

Please let us bear in mind/ that there are days to come.

Oh, please don’t hurt yourself/ more so those other men.

That we won’t end up living this year with regret!

(Rep. Ref..)


Please Be Safe Everyone as We Welcome the New Year!

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The forecast for Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 was 20 degrees F.  When I got home, my wife was finishing up her art craft, a holiday wreath of red bells.  I was inspired to look at the final product.  Therefore, I wrote a song about it.  Here it is:

1)      Come Home, Babe, This Christmas Time

It’s twenty degrees outside

It’s chilly and cold as your heart

But Christmas is here

Please show that you care

And show your warm love tonight.


A red wreath I made with bells

Green mistletoe wound around it.

I’m waiting fro you

To shake it and show

Warm kisses for me tonight.


Ref:  Oh, my heart has been broken to pieces

Like a glass, crashed in shards, hundred times.

Please glue my heart, babe, with your warm embrace.

Oh, please, come home, babe, this Christmas time.


No gift is as huge as you

The love in your heart to renew!

Yes, Christmas is here

Assure me you care

Take me from this stormy life.


Your presence is all I need

With kisses and your warm embrace;

But fate seems to keep

Our distance afar

Even at this Christmas time.

(Repeat Ref.)

(c) Edmund industan, Dec. 2,2013


I will be singing this at the Human Experience Poetry Night at The Beat Coffee House in Downtown Las Vegas this coming Monday, December 16th.  Last time, I sang my original composition, “Nevada, Evening Sky”. 

Hope you will be there.  If I have enough time, I also would be delivering this quatern poetry, which I wrote couple of years back and considered as the second  best quatern published online.  Here’s it is:



(c) Edmund Industan

Peace, why are you so elusive?

Like a bird chirping melody

Yet so far to hear it clearly

And translate the notes correctly.


We long to give you sweet embrace

Peace, why are you so elusive?

You flap your wings; you exude grace

White plumes flaunt to attract and tease.


We think of you day in and out.

Hope olive branch is dropped en route

Peace, why are you so elusive?

Guileless victims now in a clout


Everyone’s dreaming to hold you

Hoping never to let you go

Alas, we wake up without you.

Peace, why are you so elusive?

 NOTE: As the finale, I will sing this sentence.

Finale:  Oh, Peace, Please Come Home, Tonight!


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