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Confusing Bond: An Encapsulation of this Blog Site

Confusing Bond: An Encapsulation of this Blog Site.


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Confusing Bond: An Encapsulation of this Blog Site

The poem, Confusing Bond, says it all!  This new blog will deal with confusion, as we relate with one another, cross-culturally.  Hopefully, by writing a regular blog on the theme, I, a Filipino resident of Pasadena, California for 18 years, with a post-grad degree in sociology and an internationally published social and ethnological researcher, author, writer, and poet, can contribute a little something to shed some understanding on social and cultural issues that we face today.

Nevertheless, like communication, talking about cross-cultural or intercultural issues is a two-way street.  So, join me here by giving me feedbacks, or better still, share with me some confusions which you are experiencing, while relating to somebody whose culture is different from yours. That said, I, welcome you to my blog!

108)  CONFUSING BOND  by Edmund Melig Industan (c)

You are White

Acting like Asian

Am just wondering

Pretending to be one

Am I to judge?

Creating a grudge

Between you and me

Hurting our camaraderie?

Sometime I’m confuse

Difficulty to deduce

Your action is extreme

I don’t understand.

Shall I respond?

…As White or Asian?

Don’t want to expand

…Confusion so grand.

I’ll stay quiet

Observe and relate

Day-to-day basis

…Nurturing our friendship.

Possibly you’re accommodating

The way I’m acting

…To develop a bond.

Is understanding so grand?

(Note:  The poem is a Parallelismus Membrorum, a poetry form originating from the Hebrew, usually has lines with 3 or 4 words and with parallel construction of an antithesis and complimentary extensions.)

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